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We hand build high quality designer windbreaks made from a combination of new and recycled sailcloth.
Dart Designs was the original company to innovate, design and produce the sailcloth windbreak. Diana's grandmother made this first windbreak from sailcloth advertising banners from one of Diana's windsurfing sponsors in 1987! See a photograph of this on our News Page.
Each windbreak is individually created from real yacht and windsurfing sails, using marine grade materials, incorporating original nautical features, so that no two are exactly the same. Numerous designs to choose from (please see our products page), or choose your own colours. Personalise with your own sail numbers, e.g. a birthday or wedding date, at no extra charge.
Unique design, with meticulous attention to detail, lightweight and virtually indestructible, for the same reasons that sails do not rip apart in squalls.
The exclusivity will certainly enable you to define your pitch and stand out from the crowd in style, on the beach, campsite, garden or indeed anywhere in the great outdoors.
Comes with a marine inspired part sailcloth and polyester weather resistant carry bag, with a reinforced bottom, adjustable shoulder strap and halyard rope pull cord top.

Superior quality compared to traditional plastic striped windbreaks that usually only last a season, and lighter, faster drying and more durable than canvas/cotton varieties.

A sustainable, innovative and beautiful product which reflects the charm of the nautical and coastal lifestyle which inspired its creation.
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